I’ve been a freelancer since 2010, working mainly with businesses and non profits in the Midlands, UK. I mostly write about tech, business and marketing but enjoy writing on entertainment and wellbeing now and then. My favourite types of writing are marketing strategies and training but I’ve a passion for ecommerce and the varied types of writing that involves.

I previously volunteered with a wellbeing charity working in outreach, publicity & tech over the course of three years. Prior to that, I worked in direct sales.

In my spare time I draw, paint and design whilst my two Bengal cats ‘help’ by filing my pens under the furniture.

I grew up in Bristol but moved to Oxfordshire in 2010 before settling in Northamptonshire in 2012.
~ Tilli

Additional Skills
Sometimes you need a little extra support, so here are the skills I use to complement my writing.


I’ve been working with WordPress for many years having used it on more websites than I can count. As well having intimate knowledge of the interface, I’m comfortable editing code to fix errors and tweak designs.

Graphic Design

An artist in my personal life, I use my eye for aesthetics to make sure my writing is packaged in the best possible way. I’m proficient in Inkscape and GIMP but use Krita and Clip Studio for more intricate work.


I comfortably code in these languages and can provide basic editing and formatting to support your text. I develop custom themes & extensions for some clients but mainly use my coding skills to fix and tweak.