Freelance Writer
Most people are too busy to write great copy but copy is your way to connect with clients, customers, employees and prospects. If your copy isn’t pulling it’s weight, your business isn’t meeting it’s potential. Let me take the work and stress off your hands by providing copy laced with persuasive marketing techniques written in the nuances of your voice.
“I don’t think I have ever been so pleased to read my own writing. You kept my good stuff in, and added some spice, I am thrilled. Thank you so much.”
Jonathon Bankert

Articles & Blog Posts

You need someone to come up with fresh, engaging content in your niche every single week. I find topics that resonate with your readers and craft informative, optimised posts that get you more traffic and more sales.

Brochures & leaflets

Marketing materials need writing that’s concise, compelling and connects with your customers. You need someone who can take in-depth information and distill it into one short description that sells.

Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions are what make or break an online sale. I take the time to learn your product and your market inside out so I can create the experience of the product; a technique that’s proven to increase sales.

Website Copy & Direct Mail

How many times have you been bombarded with the headache-inducing hard sell? That’s not what I do. I write conversational copy to effectively explain your products, all the while making your prospect feel right at home. I wrap it up with a strong call to action to convert those prospects into leads.

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“Tilli is a pleasure to work with, explaining everything in a friendly, professional way. Her work on my website has given it a much more professional look.”
Dawn Ridgway, Black Dice Jewellery