If your copy isn’t pulling it’s weight,
your business isn’t meeting it’s potential.
Copy is how you connect with your clients, customers, employees and prospects, it pays to get it right. Great copy answers questions, takes on your voice and speaks straight to your viewers. There’s no extra fluff, just pure unadulterated information with the right turn of phrase. If that’s what you need, get in touch.

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Website copy. Home page not converting? About page looking bare? Ask me to fill your site with compelling copy that leads your prospects where you want them to be. Let’s take them by the hand and turn them into sales.
Brochures & leaflets. Marketing materials need writing that’s concise, compelling and connects with your customers. You need someone who can take in-depth information and distill it into one short, effective message.
Product descriptions. Your products deserve a writer who takes the time to learn your offerings inside out and tell customers what they really want to know. I create the experience of your product with engaging imagery that inspires your readers and encourages confidence in what you sell.
Sales letters. How many times have you been bombarded with the headache-inducing hard sell? That’s not what I do. I write conversational copy to effectively explain your products, all the while making your prospect feel right at home and headache-free. I wrap it up with a strong call to action to convert those prospects into leads.

And how I do it:

I ask a lot of questions. This helps me learn what you do, why you do it, who your readers are, what they want and what they don’t. The answers to these questions are important; they form the core copy and help me find your voice. I take note of the subtle nuances in the way you write so my copy blends in with yours. When a draft’s complete I tweak and cut to make sure every word serves a purpose and every phrase fits your tone. When you’re confident with the copy, that’s when I’m done.

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